Marketing for Humanity


Let’s Make A Difference

We are at a time when the U.S. Economy is facing write downs and credit market losses, which is apparent in the financial meltdown of the U.S. Economy and resulting in a global economic slow down.

In the Philippines, we are braising ourselves for the repatriation of Overseas workers laid off from companies closing down abroad, we are racing against the clock to find alternative sources of energy, to soften the economic impact of increasing cost of fuel, finding next generation rice of “miracle rice” being developed by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) which is durable, pest-resistant and less susceptible to floods, droughts and disease, deliberations on tax laws to protect workers from the inflationary effects of rising food and furl prices, solving conflict with MILF in Mindanao, a nation discerning on the political future of the country with national elections fast approaching.

These are just a few key issues that face the Philippines, and our FUTURE level of economic activity and growth. How can us marketing practitioners then make a difference? We are the most CREATIVE and RESILIENT people in the business community. We work at the center of a value chain. We can leverage the purchasing power of consumers and the marketing power of brands to raise support for humanitarian causes.

The Philippine Marketing Association is an organization that can be an expert resource for its brand partners in the field of socially-responsible branding and marketing. How then can we make the Philippine Marketing Association more RELEVANT to the pressing issues of country?

The solution is Marketing for Humanity: Let’s Make a Difference.