PMA Engagements



The association has been holding the Annual Marketing Conference either under its sole sponsorship and/or in co-sponsorship with other related private and/or government agencies. Aside from the Annual National Marketing Conference (NMC) , the association also sponsors or participates in regional and international conferences.



Since 1971, the Philippine Marketing Association was tasked to spearhead the celebration of the Marketing Month which is a Presidential Proclamation, which is observed during the last week of July. In July 2003, in the initiatives of the Association, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo proclaimed Marketing Week into Marketing Month, by virtue of an Executive Order. This is observed every year during the month of July to call public attention to marketing, and the contribution of marketing people to the development of the nation’s economy.



Specialized seminars, symposia, workshop, and colloquia are programmed throughout the year for its members’ professional growth and development. For the professional marketer, the Certified Professional Marketer (Asia Pacific) is the formal endorsement of professional status for professionals who have already attained a competent level of academic and practical understanding of marketing in the Asia Pacific. This professional marketing qualification is recognized by the National Marketing bodies in the Asia Pacific region.



Realizing the need to recognize the efforts of these outstanding marketers, the Philippine Marketing Association pioneered the Agora Awards, an award-giving body that gives due recognition to marketing excellence in the Philippines. Since 1979, the Agora Awards has been setting the Philippine Marketing scene, afire, honoring many deserving practitioners with its now much coveted Agora trophy, and serving as an inspiration and standard for marketing excellence in the Philippine and the Asia-Pacific Region.



The Philippine Marketing Association in cooperation with the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) and the Association of Marketing Educators (AME) gives recognition annually to deserving individuals (marketing students) and organizations (marketing student associations) who have contributed to the development of marketing field.



The Philippine Marketing Association offers foreign businesses a unified organization in the Philippines for convenient and reliable contact. Likewise, it is the only official Philippine marketing representative organization to the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), where together with the American and European Marketing Organizations formed the World Marketing Federation (WMF).



The regular monthly membership meetings features speakers who discuss current subjects relevant to marketing which enhance an after lunch forum. The meeting itself serves as a contact medium for members, to keep them informed on the latest policies, trends, pronouncements and practices affecting marketing.



Also sponsors activities and fellowship affairs which are held to encourage closer interaction of members. It not only promotes friendship among marketing practitioners and educators but also provide opportunities for better rapport.



Chapters are organized in major cities outside Metro Manila. The association assists its chapters in their major undertaking. They are also encouraged to participate in activities whenever they can.



Collaborates with colleges and universities on the development of marketing curricula and offers scholarship assistance to marketing educators.



Serves as a platform for more unified stands and organized action on issues affecting marketing. It functions as a “watchdog” to protect the interests of the marketing profession and that of its members. It also provides a venue for dialogue with the government, consumer groups and other allied organizations and professionals.



Regular publications for the information and education of members include a membership and trade directory, Agora News (a monthly newsletter) containing digest, condensations and publication of researches and articles, subjects of interest to marketing people, association activities and others.