President’s Corner


Message from the 2014 President: Ms. Yayu Javier
January 27, 2014

At 60 years strong, the Philippine Marketing Association aims to be the power that will bring industry to greater heights with this year’s theme “A NEW AGE OF MARKETING BRILLIANCE”. By sharing cutting-edge know-how, wider networking opportunities, and current marketing trends, the PMA will be like a diamond reflecting its brilliance on those who own or use it. A diamond can only achieve perfection if each and every cut is precise. Hence, marketing can only be truly brilliant if one has the know-how to bring out that shine.

What then, is the next marketing brilliance?

The key propellers this year will be:

The first Marketing Congress organized with the Asian Marketing Federation and other foreign associations. This will open the doors to discussions and a declaration of marketing preparedness for the Asian Integration, the International Formula for Marketing Success, and the marketing implications of the ASEAN Integration outside of Asia.

The Agora Awards, a long-established honor in marketing excellence, will proceed to a higher level of meaningful existence as we launch the Agora Awards Circle.

We at the Philippine Marketing Association want to cultivate and propel the next generation of marketing professionals through Stratmark, Philippine Junior Marketing Association, and former Agora Youth winners who will serve as mentors and advisors via the Agora Youth Club.

In addition, members of the Association of Marketing Educators, a PMA affiliate, are now benefitting from the Certified Professional Marketing Educator (CPME) program.

To further professionalize Filipino marketing, the Philippine Marketing Association will aggressively promote the Certified Professional Marketing (CPM) program, the most recognized certification for the marketing profession in the Asian region. The PMA will harness strategic technological tools that will maximize big data to drive marketing decisions. The website and other community channels of the Philippine Marketing Association will be the new hub of information and technology.

The government will be our partner in progress through joint livelihood projects, rescue operations, and benchmarking standards for local government units by engaging more private marketing sectors to be more involved in our government projects.

The PMA will expand its provincial chapters to make marketing training within reach of professionals nationwide

Thus, YOU, the Filipino Marketing Professional, can become the next marketing brilliance. We welcome you to this New Age of Marketing Brilliance and ask you to take some time to fill-up your Membership Form[1] (whether new membership or renewal) in order to update your profile and contact details in our database.. This is to ensure that you get informed on the latest events, programs and offerings of the association.

On behalf of PMA and its Board of Directors, let me welcome you to your marketing association.


Yayu E. Javier
2014 Philippine Marketing Association President



Message from the 2013 President: Mr. Vince Reyes, CPM

Dear valued PMA members, supporters and friends,

We’ve commonly heard that everyone’s turned in to the world’s favorite FM station-WIIFN (“What’s In It For Me?”). In marketing parlance, this refers to value. Value -or an appreciation for it -is what makes a product or services endearing to the end-user.

This year, we aim to amplify this frequency and make our value proposition more distinct, felt, communicated and appreciated. Learning from the past, we build on previous successes to move forward and upward as we construct a more relevant, value-laden PMA.

I’ve accepted the challenge of the 2013 PMA leadership with a framework of an inverted pyramid in the mind where I place the top priority acting on behalf of and for what would be most beneficial to members, there by enabling them to experience a meaningful belongingness to their association.

This consciousness leads us to theme this year: “Creating Relevance Through Value Marketing”. Through this theme PMA will proactively facilitate a more significant interconnection between and among members. Organizations and the marketing industry through projects and services producing outcomes that they would find personally and professionally relevant.

However, as we seek relevance so we must contribute to its creation. Noble as the intent of PMA is, this can not be done without your belief and concrete support to the organization. To paraphrase MLK’s immortal words: “ask not what PMA can do for you, ask what you can do for PMA.”

Let us celebrate and be thankful for this opportunity to possibly grow and make things happen. Yes, make things happen. Soon, flagship projects and wonderful new things will take place. It is time to stop being a benchwarmer and jump into action.

Here’s to PMA 2013! Stay tuned to PMA WIIFM.2013Mhz (by this time, it should already read: “Wonderful Inputs Initiating From Me”) On behalf of the PMA BDO 2013, I look forward to serving you and hopefully seeing you at many PMA events.


Vince Reyes, CPM
2013 Philippine Marketing Association President



Message from the 2010 President: Mr. Nick Fontanilla, Ph.D.
June 14, 2010

The Philippine Marketing Association 2010 Board, with its theme “Marketing as Growth Accelerator”, and the 2010 NMC Committee, with its theme “Marketing in Hyper-Speed”, present the 41st National Marketing Conference.

Marketing in Hyper-Speed, which will be held on June 24 and 25, 2010 at Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza, promises to be a blast and a delightful experience to all conference participants – 14 thought leaders in marketing; seven new marketing trends; and seven new marketing strategies in one great conference.

The two-day conference will be viewed live through simultaneous broadcast in Davao City courtesy of the Philippine Marketing Association Davao Chapter and via video streaming in all parts of the world through the digital facilities of Philippine Marketing Association.

On behalf of the 2010 Board, 2010 Conference Director-In-Charge Jimmy Siybauco, Conference Chairperson Marivic Ac-Ac and Conference Committee members, I invite you to journey with us on June 24 and 25, 2010 and experience marketing in hyper-speed.

Nick Fontanilla, Ph.D.
2010 Philippine Marketing Association President



Message from the 2010 President: Mr. Nick Fontanilla, Ph.D.
March 26, 2010 2010

What it is that the Board we will do for marketing and marketing practitioners, in general, and for the members of the Philippine Marketing Association.

What the 2010 Board commits to do in 2010 is summed up in the 2010 theme “Marketing as a Growth Accelerator.” There are three basic elements contained in this theme. First, we commit to present — to marketing practitioners and the corporate world — Marketing as an effective engine for growth and profitability. All PMA 2010 committees will design their activities based on this idea.

Second, we aim to intensify PMA activities that will enable PMA to reach out to and bring the 2010 theme’s message to more practitioners and students. Signature activities of PMA such as the National Marketing Conference, National Marketing Month, Agora Youth Conference, Agora Conference, Certified Professional Marketers’ (CPM) conference, PMA seminars and the Agora Journal are geared towards this objective.

Third, we intend to address the issue on membership satisfaction by focusing on the mandate of the PMA and providing opportunities for all members to get involved.

We invite all PMA members to join the activities that the PMA Board has lined up for 2010 and to share to business colleagues breakthrough results that make marketing truly an effective engine for corporate growth and profitability.

Nick Fontanilla, Ph.D.
2010 Philippine Marketing Association President