Code of Ethics

As a member of the Philippine Marketing Association, Inc., I do hereby recognize the significance of my professional conduct and my responsibilities to society as a constructive member thereof and to other members of my profession.

  1. By acknowledging my obligation to society as a whole, as well as, to the organization for which I work.
  2. By pledging my efforts to assure that all claims on goods, services and concepts are made honestly, accurately and clearly.
  3. By striving to improve marketing knowledge and practice in order to better serve the society.
  4. By supporting free consumer choice under circumstances that are legal and consistent with generally accepted social values.
  5. By promising to use the highest professional standards in my work and in the field of competitive endeavor.
  6. By achieving the Association’s objectives without using my authority or posting for personal gain.
  7. By recognizing the dignity and equality of all groups and individuals and thus rejecting any discriminatory practices.
  8. By upholding the good name and reputation of the Philippine Marketing Association, Inc. and its Constitution and By-laws.
  9. By assuming as a responsibility and as a privilege the observance of the laws of the land.
  10. By acknowledging the right of the Philippine Marketing Association, Inc. through established procedure, to withdraw my membership if I am found to be violating this Code of Ethics.


We subscribe to the basic precept that our country’s economic progress can be best achieved in a climate of free enterprise

We endorse the concept that business and industry can best contribute to economic progress and social well-being through enlightened self interest

We believe that this self-interest, based on the concept of rightful profit, can in turn be best attained through total consumer orientation

We are committed to the promotion and general acceptance of marketing as a professional endeavor, aware that to gain acceptance marketing practitioners must adhere to a high code of ethics;

We shall endeavor to live by that code, and to wield individual and collective force to prevent and minimize malpractice

We believe that integrity is the hallmark of an abiding faith in the eternal Almighty.