PMA 2020: The Future of Marketing

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), the future of marketing will definitely change.

The IR 4.0 will make a big impact on industries in all fronts and will improve human’s quality of life. New technologies will require new skillsets. Talent  needed for this will be on demand. Its impact on education will be critical at this stage. In terms of leadership, it will soon involve management of men and machines.

Year 2020 officially marks the entry of Gen Z into the workforce. The workplace will now involve XYZ generations and the challenge is the meeting of different mindsets. Here, the Baby Boomers will be a sought segment. Meanwhile, brands and consumers will be on a one-on-one relationship. Trust in the new decade will be all about word of mouth, authenticity, and caring for the environment.

With this, the Philippine Marketing Association, now on its 66th year, is embarking on a new thrust for 2020 to ride this wave and help businesses altogether.

Let the future of marketing begin!