President’s Corner

Mary Faith B. Abaño, CPM

PMA is now 65!

What a distinct honor it is to lead our association in a milestone year!

We thank the men and women who, for the past 65 years, have given their inspirations to the Association. Without them, the PMA would not be where it is now. Because of them, we are an institution with a strong history and even stronger bonds.

At 65, the Association is strong. We have stamped our name in the industry with brands such as The Agora, The National Marketing Conference, the StratMark, and Agora Youth. Your 2019 Board pledges to continue this legacy and to strengthen our brands by expanding our footprint and ensuring the best delivery of these events and membership benefits. You will be happy to know that your 2019 Board of Directors are passionate, experienced, and courageous individuals who have the best interest of the Association at heart. Willing to serve. And more importantly, happy to serve!

We believe that 65 solid years behind us, we see a new dawn for the PMA. The market that we move in and serve is dynamic. Technology is fast obliterating old ways of doing things. Consumption of brands is changing. What is new today may be old tomorrow. But, despite disruptions and challenges, there are opportunities, just like the dawn which offers new colors of pink, orange, and yellow from a dark horizon. There is a dawn because new leaders are stepping up. There is a dawn because there are brave souls taking on the challenges.

What does this mean for you, our dear members? This means you will have an association that you will continue to be proud of. This also means that we need you. We need you to take an active part in shaping the association’s future. We need you to come in, share your time, thoughts, and energy to making this the most successful year for the PMA. Remember, a new day comes only to those who seize and take advantage of it. As your president, it is my personal goal that you feel that this is your association and that you belong here.

Let us look at a new dawn of opportunities together, with 65 strong years behind us.

May God bless all the works of our hands.

Let’s rock this joint!

Mary Faith B. Abaño, CPM
PMA President 2019