President’s Corner

Lucien C. Dy Tioco

The past decade has seen enormous changes brought about by technology. Disruption of traditional and established models has paved the way for the new order of doing things. Our lives have tremendously changed over the past 10 years.

Technology is picking up at pace where business is lagging in the catch up game. Consequently, Marketing has changed because the consumers have changed. Technology has made them change.

We will live in an era where technology will accelerate even more. We are entering into The 4th industrial revolution and definitely, the future of marketing will change. PMA should capture this new wave to help businesses altogether

This 2020, these will be the thrusts of the PMA Board: pursue the redefinition of marketing by understanding the effects of the Fourth Indusrial Revolution or IR4.0 to our industry; prepare to reformat our organization for us to be able to respond better to the impact of new technologies; and as we have been championing the MSMEs, let’s  invite more members to be part of PMA, especially those who belong to the start up community whom we can learn on the brilliance of solution-driven ideation and for our organisation to reach out to realize their potential and look forward to bright economic future for our country.

 These thrusts will come to fruition through the following specific actions. We, in PMA, will develop a culture of solution-based innovation. We will reposition PMA as an organization that keeps redefining marketing. And we will make PMA a community of growing businesses through effective marketing.

Indeed, the marketing industry is facing big waves of changes and challenges today and in the future. Hence, our roles as PMA leaders and members have never been more important.

Together, let’s use our talents, geniuses, resources, and hearts to guarantee that the PMA will not just be able to keep afloat, but also surf above the waves, dive deep into the ocean to discover more hidden treasures, and swim back to the shore stronger, better, and more future-ready.

Lucien C. Dy Tioco
PMA President 2020