Nineteen seventy-nine was a milestone year for the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). It was the year that saw the birth of the prestigious The Agora Awards, touted as the top-notch marketing accolade any Filipino marketing practitioner can aspire for.

Flashback to the late 70s, the PMA was then on the lookout for a distinct project that will serve as the high point of its Silver Anniversary celebration.

So in 1977, the late Ernesto Roceles (PMA President, 1976-1977), Renato Esguerra and Guillermo Garcia (1974 PMA President and EVP, respectively) started brainstorming to identify a worthy project. The old Jade Vine restaurant along United Nations Avenue in Manila became the mute witness to the triumvirate’s exchange of their prolific ideas.    

Then one fine evening, Mr. Garcia pitched in the idea of establishing an award-giving body, to which the other two readily agreed on. Although The Agora Awards was conceptually born in 1977, it was not launched until a few years later. 

In ancient Greece, the “AGORA” was a central public area that showcases not only the business life of the Greeks but also their political, spiritual, athletic, artistic and social spheres.

The Agora Awards is similarly a showcase — a proud gathering of illustrious Filipino marketers of global caliber. They are prime movers who have proven mastery of non-conventional thinking, yet their approach is distinctively Filipino.

Considered a breakthrough during its time of inception, this coveted award-giving body was envisioned to hail the brilliance of the Filipino marketer, bringing into the fore the outstanding qualities of ingenuity, versatility, and innovation. 

The very first The Agora Awards only carried three categories, namely Marketing Management, Marketing Education and Entrepreneurship. Other relevant categories were then added such as Marketing Company, Advocacy Marketing, Overseas Marketing, Export Marketing, and even Marketing Communication.

After heralding its Ruby year in 2020, The Agora Awards continues to raise the stature of marketing excellence as it gears up for its 41st Awards this August. Thus far, it has conferred close to 300 winners since it mounted its first awards night in 1979. 

As American marketing author, Philip Kotler, once said, “Marketing is … the art of creating genuine customer value.”

The Agora Awards also creates customer value by heralding the Filipino marketers as they passionately serve their respective stakeholders with their staunch excellence in marketing. 

But more than The Agora awardees, the real winner is the Filipino consumer!

For more information, kindly contact Ms. Carmela Revelliza at mobile #09178818762 of the Philippine Marketing Association, Inc. Secretariat.

About the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)

Founded in 1954, the PMA was established to create awareness for the power of marketing in business, industry, and the academe. Pioneering various initiatives across the country, the Association works to develop and promote marketing as a science and a profession, and to serve as the policy-making and the recommendatory arm of the government on marketing-related issues. Today, the PMA remains the leading institution for marketing excellence in the Philippines.