Membership Benefits

General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

  • Attendance to General Membership Meetings (PMA has at least 5 GMMs in a year)
    • Corporate Members can send one representative
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities within GMMs
  • Learn and discuss current marketing and business issues from top industry leaders
  • Introduce company and services
Members-only Discount

Members-only Discount

  • To various Projects: IPSUM, Agora Awards, Agora Circle Talks, Seminars, CPM, CPME
  • External events and seminars where PMA is part of


  • Forge alliances with other industry associations
  • Connect with the regional PMA Chapters
  • Take the lead in government development projects via knowledge sharing
  • Interact with Asian leaders through PMA’s AMF alliance


  • The right to nominate, to vote (one count per company) and be nominated (after one year of membership) as board director
  • Participation in PMA Fellowship events
  • Other Perks and Benefits to be launched soon