Just recently, Luzon was declared on Enhanced Community Quarantine by our President Rodrigo R. Duterte, to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Our Government has been very transparent with the state of the nation in the midst of this public health crisis; and, is doing everything in its power to address all issues involving public health and safety. The Business community as well has responded with business continuity programs, following work from home directives, and some companies providing a reprieve of bills for customers. It is about time that we do our share, as Filipinos.

Given the compounding number of reported COVID-19 cases this past week, the numbers are expected to escalate even more. The Enhanced Community Quarantine aggressively addresses the rise of more COVID-19 cases, that will hopefully be within our healthcare system capacity.

To address this threat, we need everyone’s complete cooperation – the public and private sectors and the Filipino community, to keep the number of cases from exceeding our country’s healthcare capacity. Let us not wait for more Filipinos to get infected before taking action. The big idea is the public and businesses to work together with the government’s efforts to help FLATTEN THE CURVE.

We all need to prioritize public safety and the value of life by aggressively observing two important components:

1. Extensive Social Distancing

2. Strict Hygiene Observance

To quickly resolve this, we ask the business community and industry organizations to bond together and address President Duterte’s Enhanced Community Quarantine directive and encourage everyone to STAY AT HOME.

The challenge is: How can government and the business community help to make the public stay at home?

The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) has outlined a few suggestions to encourage everyone to STAY AT HOME:

  1. ONLINE MENTORING AND ACTIVE SHARING OF IDEAS FOR BUSINESS CONTINUITY especially for small and medium enterprises during these challenging times. Continuous online dialogue among key leaders and 2nd in line is necessary for ideation, future planning, sustainability, and agility to adapt.
  2. REDUCTION OF RATES TO HELP HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES especially for those who will have no to minimal income during the enhanced community quarantine.
  3. TAX REPRIEVE AND EXTENSION OF INCOME TAX DEADLINE in lieu of the enhanced community quarantine. Business is definitely more challenging to run during this period of confinement so we appeal for some consideration.
  4. A COVID-19 MONITORING TASK FORCE for every organization to check on the health status of all employees and for fast and efficient information dissemination. Social distancing is not about casting oneself out of the loop. Prompt communication is important in our efforts to manage the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the country.
  5. For most companies, this maybe an opportunity to make your customers cared for by INITIATING ONLINE CSRs. If you’re a food company, launch (if you haven’t done yet), simple dish preparation videos. If you’re a Petroleum or any car related Product or Service, you may launch Home Preventive Maintenance Tips. These On-Line CSRs will serve as a “Reminder” that “My Brand Cares”. Customers will remember your actions even after COVID-19 crisis.

As a 66-year-old thought-leader organization, we need to ensure the safety and quality of life of our stakeholders, our customers, and the people who make businesses and products thrive. We would like to reach out and collaborate with all concerned business organizations to make this happen, a little sacrifice and help to our countrymen, at this very critical time.

Let’s all work together!

About the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)

Founded in 1954, the PMA was established to create awareness for the power of marketing in business, industry, and the academe. Pioneering various initiatives across the country, the Association works to develop and promote marketing as a science and a profession, and to serve as the policy-making and the recommendatory arm of the government on marketing-related issues. Today, the PMA remains the leading institution for marketing excellence in the Philippines.