Spotlighting the best of marketing in the region, the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) recognized two of the Philippine Marketing Association’s (PMA) Agora Awardees during the second Asia Youth, Women, Netizen (YWN) Marketing Excellence Awards, winning two of the top three prizes for the Philippines.

During the formal awards ceremony held last March 22, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the distinction of “Asia’s Top Outstanding Woman Marketeer of the Year” was presented to Margot Torres of McDonald’s Philippines, a 2010 Agora Award winner for Marketing Management. That same night, 2009 Agora Youth Awardee, Ralph Layco of Sonny and Marsha Holdings, Inc. was honored as “Asia’s Top Outstanding Youth Marketeer of the Year.” Both Margot and Ralph are members of the PMA, having won the Agora, which, throughout the award’s 40-year history, is considered the highest marketing distinction in the Philippines.

The Asia YWN winners were especially chosen for their excellent achievements and their innovative marketing strategies, tactics, and values, which have played a significant role in uplifting the marketing industry, their communities, and the growth of their respective companies in terms of sales, market share, and net income.

Considered the first recognition of its kind, the Asia YWN Marketing Excellence Awards was created by the AMF in 2018 not only to highlight Asia’s outstanding marketeers, but also to acknowledge the distinct value and emerging role of the youth, women, and netizens in elevating the industry. Respectively, the three award categories highlight the Top Youth, Woman, and Netizen Marketeers for that year. It is the AMF’s goal that the award and its winners will serve as sources of inspiration for marketeers across the region.

An esteemed jury panel, comprised of representatives from AMF’s different member countries, began the process of assessing all the submissions last July 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. The finalists were selected by each countries’ national marketing associations (NMAs) through a local panel of judges. The results of which were forwarded to the AMF for the final evaluation. The formal awarding in March was followed by a gala night hosted by the AMF and the Institute of Marketing Malaysia.

About Asia Marketing Federation (AMF)

The AMF is the foremost governing body for marketing in Asia. Among its member countries are Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The federation’s primary goal is to serve as a platform of collaboration to strengthen marketing in the region.

About the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)

Founded in 1954, the PMA was established to create awareness for the power of marketing in business, industry, and the academe. Pioneering various initiatives across the country, the Association works to develop and promote marketing as a science and a profession, and to serve as the policy-making and the recommendatory arm of the government on marketing-related issues. Today, the PMA remains the leading institution for marketing excellence in the Philippines.

About the Agora Awards

Hosted each year by the Philippine Marketing Association, the Agora Awards is deemed the country’s highest marketing honor. Having bestowed nearly 300 awards since its inception in 1979, it continues a tradition of recognizing companies and individuals who have pushed the industry’s boundaries further. Now on its 40th year, the Agora strengthens its commitment to serve as the beacon of Marketing Excellence in the country.

Ralph Layco and Margot Torres
Asia YWN Marketing Excellence 2019 Awardees Ralph Layco and Margot Torres
Margot Torres withRohan Samawansa and Hermawan Kartajaya
Asia’s Top Outstanding Woman Marketeer of the Year, Margot Torres, with AMF President Rohan Samawansa and AMF Founding Member Hermawan Kartajaya
Ralph Layco with Rohan Samawansa Hermawan Kartajaya
Ralph Layco, Asia’s Top Outstanding Youth Marketeer of the Year, with AMF President Rohan Samawansa and AMF Founding Member Hermawan Kartajaya
Margot Torres and Ralph Layco with the AMF Officers, including Rohan Samawansa, Gwen Albarracin and Hermawan Kartajaya
Margot Torres and Ralph Layco with the AMF Officers, including AMF President Rohan Samawansa, AMF Immediate Past President Gwen Albarracin, and AMF Founding Member Hermawan Kartajaya
Margot Torres and Ralph Layco with Arlene Padua, Faith Abano and Gwen Albarracin
Team Philippines: Margot Torres and Ralph Layco are joined by PMA Immediate Past President Arlene Padua, PMA President Faith Abaño, and AMF Immediate Past President Gwen Albarracin