On Its Ruby Year, The Agora Awards Celebrates
New Firsts for the Philippine Marketing Industry

Marking 40 years of championing marketing excellence in the Philippines, The Agora Awards presents new milestones on its Ruby Anniversary, honoring the extraordinary contributions of Filipino marketing leaders and visionaries both then and now.

Established by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) in 1979, The Agora Awards has successfully continued a proud tradition of recognizing the top Filipino marketing individuals and companies each year, making it the most sought-after marketing accolade in the country. Now on its 40th anniversary, The Agora Awards seeks to uphold this rich history by hosting a grand Ruby reunion in honor of all the past winners—esteemed members of The Agora Circle—at this year’s “The Agora Awards 40 Years – A Special Ruby Anniversary Gala.”

“The Agora Awards represents our industry’s many achievements over the past decades, and what better way to celebrate this than by acknowledging the Philippine marketers who set the foundation for our industry and by applauding our up-and-coming marketers who are setting the tone for the future,” shares Maeyeth Cadungog, Overall Chair of the 2019 Agora Awards.

A New Agora Awards Category

Strengthened by the Agora spirit of innovation, The 2019 Awards introduces yet another first in the industry: a new award category that recognizes a company’s Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Marketing in Support of the United Nations Global Compact – Sustainable Development Goals (UNGC-SDG).

With the PMA being one of the founding members of the United Nations Global Compact, there is no better time for our local marketing industry to work together towards creating a more sustainable world. The new award category aims to salute the companies that have taken concrete initiatives to realize the 2030 UNGC-SDG, and by doing so, encourage more organizations to follow suit.

Recognizing the pivotal role of marketing in shaping business, here is the full list of distinctions at this year’s Agora Awards:


  • Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Marketing in Support of the UNGC-SDG
  • Outstanding Achievement in Advocacy Marketing
  • Outstanding Achievement Export Marketing
  • Marketing Company of the Year


  • Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Management
  • Outstanding Achievement in Overseas Marketing
  • Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Communications
  • Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Education
  • Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship (Large)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship (Medium)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Entrepreneurship (Small)

The Future of the Agora Awards

Throughout its four decades, The Agora Awards has been at the forefront of industry excellence. Attuned to the ever-evolving business landscape—from analog to digital, and now AI—The Agora Awards has expanded its categories to welcome the dynamic changes of the vastly thriving marketing profession.

“The PMA is proud to have hosted The Agora Awards for 40 strong years, and with each year comes more inspiring stories of Filipino leadership and innovation. This is what strengthens our commitment to continue the Agora legacy, so that we may empower more of our marketers to dream bigger and aim higher. On our Ruby Anniversary, we remain steadfast in this promise, and look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come,” says PMA President Faith Abano.

The culmination of the 2019 Agora Awards will be the Ruby Anniversary Gala, which will also coincide with the Grand Reunion of Agora Winners. Details of the festivities will be announced soon. Those interested may contact the PMA Secretariat at 8634-5722 to reserve your seats.

About The Agora Awards

Since its establishment in 1979, The Agora Awards has been the beacon of marketing excellence in the country. Presented by the Philippine Marketing Association, it applauds remarkable companies and individuals who have successfully navigated the ever-evolving business landscape. Now on its 40th year, the annual awards looks to continue recognizing those who have pushed the marketing profession even further.

About the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)

Founded in 1954, the PMA was established to create awareness for the power of marketing in business, industry, and the academe. Pioneering various initiatives across the country, the Association works to develop and promote marketing as a science and a profession, and to serve as the policy-making and the recommendatory arm of the government on marketing-related issues. Today, the PMA remains the leading institution for marketing excellence in the Philippines.