The Agora Youth Awards Restrengthens Its Commitment to Recognize Outstanding Filipino Marketing Students.

Returning with renewed strength, the Agora Youth Awards (AYA) celebrates 28 years of honoring the top marketing students and student associations in the country.

Presented by the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) together with this year’s co-presentor, Toyota Motors Corporation, the AYA is guided by the principles and standards of its parent, the Agora Awards—considered the nation’s highest marketing accolade—making the AYA the most coveted student marketing excellence recognition every academic year.

A Refreshed AGORA Youth Awards

This year, the AYA presents a new format, but with the same objective of honing the future generation of Filipino marketing leaders through Marketing Case Competitions. Traditionally opened only to tertiary-level students, this year’s awards now offers a category specifically for secondary (senior high school) pupils that have marketing backgrounds. In addition, the winner of the Collegiate Group category will get the chance to represent the Philippines in international marketing case competitions.

2019 Categories for the Agora Youth Awards Marketing Case Competition:

  • Senior High School – Individual
  • Collegiate – Individual
  • Collegiate – Group (Junior Marketing Association)

2019 Agora Youth Awards per Category

  • Senior High School (SHS) Category (Individual)
    • Top Agora Youth Award and SHS Batch Valedictorian
    • Top Ten SHS Agora Youth Awardees
  • Collegiate Category (Individual)
    • Top Agora Youth Award and Collegiate Batch Valedictorian
    • Top Ten Collegiate Agora Youth Awardees
  • Collegiate Junior Marketing Association (JMA) Category (Group)
    • Top JMA Agora Youth Award
    • Top Five Collegiate Agora Youth Awardees
  • General Awards
    • Company Future Marketeer Award – Selected by the Case Sponsor
    • Best Pitch Presentation – Highest Pitch Presentation

Compared with previous years, the new marketing cases will focus on close-to and real-life business challenges that nominees must analyze and resolve using applicable marketing concepts and practices. It is a move that will enable students to fully immerse in actual marketing scenarios, and encourage them to put their best skills to the test.

Marking another first, the 2019 AYA will involve past AYA winners and Agora Awards luminaries in the deliberation and judging process, recognizing the growth and achievements of the Agora Alumni, and strengthening the awards as an all-inclusive platform.

A Commitment to Furthering Marketing Excellence in the Academe

On its return, the AYA aims to reinforce and re-establish its specific brand of marketing excellence, especially in educational institutions. It also seeks to promote marketing inclusiveness and excellence among all business-related courses in the tertiary and now secondary levels.

A collaboration between the PMA, the academe, and affiliate organizations for marketing students, the AYA provides opportunities for future Filipino marketers to show their ability to apply knowledge and theory in actual business cases. In doing so, it encourages deeper learning and celebrates the best marketing students for the school year, strengthening the bigger goal—to continuously elevate the calibre of marketing in the Philippines.

To learn more about the AGORA Youth Awards and to submit your 2019 nominations, please visit the PMA’s official website.

About the AGORA Awards

Since its establishment in 1979, the Agora Awards has been the beacon of marketing excellence in the country. Presented by the Philippine Marketing Association, it applauds remarkable companies and individuals who have successfully navigated the ever-evolving business landscape. Now on its 40th year, the annual awards looks to continue recognizing those who have pushed the marketing profession even further.

About the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA)

Founded in 1954, the PMA was established to create awareness for the power of marketing in business, industry, and the academe. Pioneering various initiatives across the country, the Association works to develop and promote marketing as a science and a profession, and to serve as the policy-making and the recommendatory arm of the government on marketing-related issues. Today, the PMA remains the leading institution for marketing excellence in the Philippines.